Travel Size

by Chaz Kangas

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The first single from Chaz Kangas' upcoming 'The Rex Manning Day EP,' due out June 10th, 2014.


released May 27, 2014

Produced by Good Goose
Lyrics by Chaz Kangas for Electric Speckled Love Music (ASCAP)
Photo by Yung-I Chang
Layout by Anthony Sneed



all rights reserved


Chaz Kangas New York, New York

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Track Name: Travel Size (single edit)
Non-Union, Not an independent contractor
I'm nonchalant and these others are non-factors.
Factory line, but they invalid.
It ain't where you're from, it's "wear your hard-hat, kid."
You think your man is dope? I think your man is wack.
His style is out of date. His raps are fanny-packs.
Overly nostalgic, his intellect's lazy.
His back-up dancer is the dancing internet baby.
I make 'em melt down, like they're powerplants.
Make them get out of my way like an ambulance.
Here to Tel Aviv, you can tell I'm mad.
Throw a rapper out the club, just for smelling bad.
I rant, rave, hoot, holler, plunder and loot.
Not one to pollute, just have fun and recoup.
So many lines of scripture you can analyze.
A two verse song, I call it "Travel Size."

In rap scenes, I'm connected like a dial tone.
Years later, still ain't broken down like I'm styrofoam.
I'll never die alone. I'll probably buy a home
and perform Live's "I Alone" on the xylophone.
I get it poppin' like pimples on the paparazzi.
My ex is paging me, she needy as a Tamigotchi.
Except she don't got a reset button,
outside my voicemail, she gets nothing.
A lot of new girls wanna see me lately,
I put a poem in her ear line a Beanie Baby.
Something simple, wasn't too wordy.
By the second date, they bleating like a Furby.
10 PM watching "I Vitelloni"
10 AM watching "My Little Pony."
So many lines of scripture you can analyze.
A two verse song, I call it "Travel Size."